Access Control

When you own land or homes in White Sands, you're in control over who can access them. PHYSICAL ACCESS: By default, all players will have exploratory access to your properties. However, you can choose whether your home remains open to the public or you prefer it is privacy gated. There are multiple ways to do so: Allow all visitors or Not Allow all visitors, private (editable) Gate Codes for guests, or Allow List individual guest IDs in advance of their visit. EDITING ACCESS: By default, you are the only player who has editing access on your property. However, you can choose to allow other players to use Minecraft Creative Mode to build with or for you. Either utilize private (editable) Gate Codes, or you may Allow List individual IDs in advance of their visit.
White Sands Islands Villa
Visit the following sections from the - My Properties Menu in the PLAYER MANUALfor instructions: Visitors, Gate Access, Player Access.