White Sands Collections

A diverse array of NFT collections will enable unique customizations throughout your White Sands experience. https://twitter.com/whitesandsgame/status/1564805751142588416 Furniture, Vehicles, and Pets have successfully been introduced and are currently linked to the metadata of your Parcel Pass and White Sands Islands NFTs. Upon the launch of the NFT Worlds marketplace, we will decouple these items into distinct NFTs and collections, further enhancing flexibility and user experience.
White Sands Collections (Yacht Concept)
In-game items available now: Furniture: Amalfi Set (250)*, Charleston Set (3,250) Vehicles: Bladeless Helicopter (250)*, Jetski (3,250) Pets: Velociraptor (50)*, Siberian Tiger (200)*, Brown Bear (300), Gray Wolf (300), Capuchin (300), Dog (470), Chicken (470), Turtle (470), Cat (470), Pig (470), *Exclusive to White Sands Islands holders.
1/50 Velociraptor in a White Sands Island Villa