Player Manual

This page outlines in-game controls, menus and functions for White Sands. MOVEMENT: MOUSE = Change Direction / Perspective W = Move Forward S = Move Backwards A = Strafe Left D = Strafe Right CONTROL = Hold to Sprint SHIFT = Crouch ESC = Minecraft Options E = Inventory or Creative Mode Options T = Text Chat F5 = Change Camera Perspective F2 = Screenshot F3 = Show Coordinates SPACE = Jump DOUBLE TAP SPACE = Fly (Creative Mode Only) VOICE CHAT: When you enter White Sands you'll see a message in chat inviting you to join the voice chat server.
If the message disappears, type "T" to bring the text screen back. Press "T" while the text is open to use your mouse cursor and click the [CLICK ON ME] text. You'll be prompted to open a separate browser window. Click Yes.
You'll be shown a screen with a green Activate Session button. Click it.
Finally click Join Voice Chat on the subsequent screen.
Keep this browser window open on the side of Minecraft. You'll now be able to voice chat with anyone in proximity of your avatar inside of White Sands!
TELEPORT TO OTHERS: For the BETA we are temporarily allowing players to port directly to each other while in-game. Hit "T" to bring up the chat window and then type /tpa, space, and then the name of the player.
This player will then receive a message asking them to type /tpaccept in order to allow the teleport.
CREATIVE MODE: When on one of your Parcel Pass (Islet) properties, you'll automatically be placed into Creative Mode. This means you can break and build. Ensure that you have a blank square or building material selected on your main menu bar. Then you can walk up to any block and left-click to break it. Or select any available building material and right click to place it. TIP: If you center-click with your mouse on a particular material, it will create that material for you in inventory and make it your active selection. You can then right click to place that material. Click "E" to open the building menu to drag any material available into inventory.
White Sands Islands Villas can not be modified using creative mode - as they are master planned structures. However you will be able to customize them in the future with furniture and other approved items. NFT Art is already available inside of the Villas during the BETA. MAIN WHITE SANDS MENU: When you login to White Sands you'll see a palm tree logo on your main menu bar. To select it, you can either use your mouse scroll wheel - or hit the number 9 on your keyboard.
White Sands Custom Menu
Once selected, right click with your mouse to open the menu. Here you'll be able to see your basic inventory as well as select from one of four available custom White Sands menus.
  1. 1.
    MY PROPERTIES: Access, manage and port to your owned properties.
  2. 2.
    GUEST PROPERTIES: Access any properties you've been granted access to by another player.
  3. 3.
    NFT ART: Create custom art based on the NFTs in your connected wallet(s).
  4. 4.
    WHITE SANDS ITEMS: Manage items specific to our world.
MY PROPERTIES MENU: This menu allows you access, manage and port to your owned properties. Click on one of your owned plots at the bottom to see 6 available options across the top.
  1. 1.
    VISITORS: Left-click to toggle whether people can openly visit your plot. If this is turned off, other players will be presented with an access code requirement to enter your plot. This is defaulted to "Allowed" meaning anyone can enter and explore your property. NOTE: If Visitors are set to Not Allowed, it will override all other access to your property, including Gate Code Access and Player Access.
  2. 2.
    GATE CODES: Left-click to set an Access Code and right-click to set an Edit Code. In doing this players will be presented with a code requirement when entering your plot. If they type the correct code, they'll be granted either access or editing rights. NOTE: You must have Visitors set to Allowed for this function to work.
  3. 3.
    PLAYER ACCESS: Click the signpost to add a specific Minecraft user to your plot. All players will have exploratory access, but not editing access. They will show up as a head icon which you can then left-click to toggle if you want them to be able to edit your plot as well. You can also right-click to remove them entirely. NOTE: You must have Visitors set to Allowed for this function to work.
  4. 4.
    TELEPORT HOME: Left click to teleport directly to this plot. Right click to change the default location within your home that you teleport to when this function is used.
  5. 5.
    RESET PLOT: Reset your plot or home back to its factory settings. You will lose all changes/modifications as well as any art placed on the walls.
  6. 6.
    ISLAND PORTAL: Left click to add portal to your inventory items. Drag this item to your main bar and select it (using the mouse scroll wheel or numbers 1-9), choose a place on the floor for your portal and right-click to place it. Walk into the portal to return to the main island. You may move it within your property at any time.
GUEST PROPERTIES: This menu will show any properties which you've been granted guest access from another player via their PLAYER ACCESS menu. You can then port directly to these locations.
WHITE SANDS ITEMS: This menu shows any NFTs owned that are specific to our world. This doesn't serve any particular function in the BETA but is an important foundation for the future of our mechanics.
NFT ART: This menu allows you to create inventory items of your NFTs which can be placed on the walls of your home as art.
You can click the compass icon in the top right to search your collection. For example, if you wanted to find Bored Ape 3987, you could search for 3987. This will allow you to easily find NFTs inside of a large wallet.
Once you click an NFT gem icon, you'll be asked to determine the size you'd like to create. Small is 1x1, Medium is 2x2 and Large is 3x3. Type the word per instructions.
A new item will be placed into your inventory which you can then drag into your main menu bar.
NFT Art Item Available to Drag into Main Menu Bar
Select this item on your main menu bar (using the mouse scroll wheel or numbers 1-9), choose a place on the wall and right-click to place your art!
About to Place NFT Art on Wall
Looks great! Walk up to your art and right-click to remove at any time.
NFT Art Placed on Wall