Built on NFT Worlds

Infinite Possibilities and Evolving Experiences
White Sands was passionately created on NFT Worlds - because the metaverse will never be just a single company maintaining closed experiences. White Sands is designed to be your home-base while allowing players to easily move and transport to thousands of other creations within the NFT Worlds ecosystem. Want to play a round of golf? Or protect a castle from fire breathing dragon? Maybe just head to the office for a quick meeting? No matter how you decide to spend your time - you'll always be able to come home to White Sands at the end of your day.
There are 10,000 NFT Worlds. Owners are already building vast experiences on them using Minecraft's development tools and hosting those environments for massive multiplayer engagement. Unlike traditional Minecraft servers - NFT Worlds can be connected. By building White Sands on an NFT World - it opens up infinite possibilities. We'll be creating our own unique experiences for players to engage while simultaneously linking White Sands to other NFT Worlds creations. NFT Worlds also connect to the Ethereum blockchain. As we create land, master-planned homes, collections (furniture, vehicles, pets) and more - they'll all be tied to Ethereum NFTs. You'll always be able to prove ownership of your White Sands assets & transfer them freely on the open market. One of the other benefits of building White Sands on NFT Worlds is the ability to use $WRLD as the basis for a connected economy. Once inside White Sands, you'll be able to use $WRLD to access experiences, make purchases, trade with other players and more. $WRLD is a standardized token across NFT Worlds - so as you move from White Sands to other metaverse creations and back - your wallet will always travel with you. Our land owners will have a stake in the $WRLD that's generated via staking our NFTWorlds. The goal is to ensure that if you make White Sands your metaverse home, that you're earning $WRLD consistently to engage the experiences around you. More on this under $WRLD Distributions.