Overview & Roadmap

White Sands is a metaverse ecosystem. Land and home owners can look forward to multitudes of ways to customize and personalize the world around them such as furniture, vehicles, pets and more. We'll be designing our own unique experiences as well as connecting White Sands to innovations built across hundreds of NFT Worlds. It all starts with Parcel Pass - NFTs which allow an initial 3,000 genesis holders to own land in White Sands and easily build on those plots in a live environment using Minecraft Creative Mode. Parcel Passes also act as MPC Early Access to optionally purchase luxury master-planned homes, like White Sands Islands. Genesis Parcel Pass holders & White Sands Islands owners also share in the $WRLD generated by staking NFT Worlds owned by White Sands via $WRLD Distributions. Once our initial land and home owners have access to White Sands, we'll begin releasing White Sands Collections such as furniture, vehicles, pets and more. In parallel our team is working on a number of unique Broken linkthat players will be able to engage and enjoy. White Sands is built on NFT Worlds which also allows us to connect to potentially thousands of other creations and innovations - a truly open metaverse.