The first phase of the White Sands Roadmap was the sale of 3,000 Genesis Parcel Passes, each providing ownership to an Islet (small islands), which sold out on 03/15/2022. Ownership of these Islets can now be sold/traded on the secondary market via OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/white-sands-parcel-pass. Each islet includes a pre-constructed, contemporary luxury residence which can be tailored to your unique preferences or completely transformed into anything you can imagine. Ownership also grants the ability hang NFT art on vertical surfaces, add furniture, park vehicles, allow pets to wander the property, utilize NFT Project Blueprints, save structures and islets using White Sands Palette, participate in the Solo & Collaborative Free Build Area, and more. See CUSTOMIZEfor more information. Islets are a creator's dream - fully customizable via Minecraft Creative Mode live in the White Sands metaverse environment. There are virtually no restrictions to what you can create on your islet.
White Sands Islets
You can learn more about the utility of these NFTs in Parcel Pass, $WRLD Distributions, CUSTOMIZE, and PUBLIC DESTINATIONS.