On 07/18/22 White Sands announced the addition of Resources into its ecosystem.
Resources are earned by staking specific land/homes inside of White Sands; currently, Parcel Passes and White Sands Islands Villas NFTs. You can stake your White Sands NFTs via https://stake.whitesands.game.
White Sands Staking Website
Each Parcel Pass has one Resource trait embedded into its metadata. Each White Sands Islands Villa has each of three Resource traits embedded into its metadata. Future land/homes may have Resource traits associated - or in some cases, they may be absent. There are currently three types of resources: - Petrified Wood: Related to furniture and similar items - Gemstones: Related to pets and similar items - Rare Earth Metals: Related to vehicles and similar items By staking your NFT, you'll receive a specific amount of that Resource every seven days. (There is no lock-up period, and they can be claimed weekly or at any time.) Resources are claimable via our staking website and result in ERC-1155 NFTs of that Resource (You will require a tiny bit of $MATIC to claim/trade). These NFTs are tradable on the secondary market via https://opensea.io/collection/white-sands-genesis-resources.
Resources will be required in-game to purchase items that provide unique utility. As an example, to catch a particular type of pet, say a butterfly, you might need a butterfly net. Or to access a certain area, you might require a mining pick to get through a wall. Vendors will exist in the world which you can trade resources with for these special items - which will also be represented by NFTs and tradable on the secondary market. Resources will not replace $WRLD as our main in-game currency; they will supplement it for very specific use cases - providing unique and valuable utility to our land owners.