$WRLD Distributions

The project purchased and staked $1,250,000 of NFT Worlds on 3/18/22 to ensure the project has a platform to expand indefinitely. These worlds based on their rarity are estimated to generate roughly 9,000,000 $WRLD over their staking lifetime. 100% of this $WRLD will be distributed to our Parcel Pass and White Sands Islands holders. 80% will be dedicated to our Parcel Pass holders. Each will receive a 1/3000 share. 20% will be dedicated to our White Sands Islands holders. Each will receive a 1/250 share. TLDR: White Sands Islands holders will generate $WRLD at 3X the rate of Parcel Pass holders.
36 NFT Worlds owned and staked by White Sands
We also plan to incorporate ways for land and home owners to earn $WRLD through additional features of the White Sands metaverse such as storefronts and more. We'll release more information on these systems as we build out our experiences and economy. Please also read $WRLD Token Disclaimers.